Wellington Short Sales- You Can Do A Short Sale Even If You Don’t Think You Can

Many times you get advice from your family, friends and associates at work. Sometimes their advice is based on hear say and sometimes it is based on past events that have taken place in their own lives. In 2007 the short sale market really started to happen here in Wellington Florida but most agents and most sellers and most people did not even know what a short sale was. The banks did not even know how to handle them and were ill equipped to take on the enormous case load of thousands upon thousands of short sale files that hit their loss mitigation departments across the country from Florida, California, Arizona and Nevada. 

So many of the stories you hear about how a short sale was done in 2007 is way different that how they are handled today in 2011 and into 2012. It used to be as I have written in many of our earlier articles on short sales that you had to have a hardship to do a short sale. That is not alway the case any more. In fact, some lenders are not even asking to see your financial statements any more. Some lenders are paying your moving expenses up to $20,000 at your short sale closing. 

We have been getting sellers who have old WAMU loan and old Wachovia loans up to $20,000 at the closing. This is sometimes a dream come true and a huge surprise to sellers who are so upside down. Just imagine what twenty grand can help you- you can even put a down payment down on another property through an FHA loan if you relocated because of your employment and you were not late on your mortgage payments or you were only late because your bank told you they would not process your Wellington Short Sale unless you were late. 

Times have changed. We are not attorneys and we are not giving you legal advice. We have great attorneys that work with us, that we confer with, that our sellers can hire if they choose to and that we help in short sale situations. 

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  1. Short Sales have definitely changed over the years! Homeowners thinking about selling their Wellington FL homes as a short sale need to contact Wellington Short Sale Agents Nestor and Katerina Gasset.

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  2. Great post Katerina! As one of the top Wellington Short Sale Agents, your very informative posts is always a must read for every homeowner and buyers in your area.

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  3. It is true, times have changed. And it is way better to take pieces of advice from experts like yourself, Wellington Short Sale Agents, on this matter. This helps homeowners and buyers. Thanks for sharing!

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  4. You make the perfect case why home sellers need to hire you as their Wellington Short Sales Agents – because everything about short sales and what your options are is changing almost daily. You need Florida short sale experts who are living it to guide you through what will work today. Great info – thanks!

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