Wellington Short Sale Agents Get Another Approved Short Sale! 

Getting your Wellington short sale to acceptance and then closing is our primary objective once we have an offer on your home or in the case of the HAFA program, an acceptance prior to an offer in some cases. 

But this does not usually come easily from most lenders. If your lender is telling you something opposite of what we are telling you- please call us to tell us. The contradictions are really out of this world sometimes. Our sellers here all kinds of lies and accusations from negotiators at the banks who are not doing their jobs so they try to throw others under the bus in order to save their own behinds. 

Nestor had to fight all morning with a negotiator who refused to give us an extension on the closing date even though it was in this negotiator’s responsibility to get it to us. When a buyer is getting an FHA loan his lender needs 45 days to close. End of story, no exceptions. Think about this; the same lender that is supposed to approve the short sale is the same lender doing the loan in this situation. So here we go again, the left hand does not know anything about the right hand!!! 

We finally got the approval letter today!!! YEAH!!!! Oh Wait.. do you remember the post we wrote a couple of years ago… Don’t do the HAPPY DANCE just yet!!!  You have to read the approval letter first!!

The approval letter did not have 45 days to close on it. Nestor was right back at the negotiator with the error and request for the revised approval letter. After some emails back and forth, we finally got her to understand that the time to close was an error on her part. She did not give us the first approval letter until 8 days after she got the approval from the investor on the file. Well 45 days minus 8 days does not equal 45 days!

She did not want to do anymore work on the file, we could sense that in her emails to Nestor. Upon closer reading of the Wellington short sale approval letter the negotiator had left out of the approval letter the deficiency waiver language of which had been previously agreed upon with a cash contribution from our seller. That was another fight. Nestor finally got the right approval letter in his hand and we are moving forward to closing another Wellington Short Sale!  


3 Responses to Wellington Short Sale Agents Get Another Approval Letter for Sellers!

  1. This story is the perfect example of why you need experienced Wellington Florida Short Sale Agents like Nestor and Katerina working on your side during the short sale process. Kudos to Nestor and Katerina for going to bat for your clients!

  2. Katerina, you present so well the steps to success in a short sale and why language and knowledge is paramount in this process…homeowners who want the best representation on short sales call the Wellington short sale agents and work with Nestor and Katerina and crew.

  3. Katerina, you always make it a point to educate your readers with your knowledge and experience. This is yet another experience they should learn from. In fact I believe that with all the stories and information you share, your readers/clients should know by now that it takes consulting a knowledgeable and experienced wellington Short Sale Agents like you and Nestor to ensure a flawless Wellington Short Sales process.

    Petra Norris
    Lakeland Fl Short Sale Agents

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