Wellington Foreclosure Report For Zip Code 33414 

There are only 82  foreclosure properties in the zip code of 33414 which is the main part of Wellington according to Realtytrac. Some of us call this part of Welligton- the Village or you may consider it Wellington Proper which may be more like what you would call the main part of a town. 

During the real estate boom all the developers and builders wanted to be able to have a Wellington address. So they started to request to be annexed into Wellington. The Village of Wellington wanted to annex because that brings in more revenue to the town. 

So much of the eastern communities along 441 and further east like Olympia and Buena Vida got annexed into Wellington. 

But the interior or Wellington, the older parts of the town are what are like in your town might be your downtowns or your city propers. This also encompasses the southern and western Equestrian areas which were always Wellington. In the Wellington proper areas of Wellington you can walk to the store, the post office, the city center except of course out in the acreage and farm areas.  If you live in the exterior part of Wellington, the newer annexations, you have to drive to get to any place because your communities are located along State Rd 7 or 441. 

So in the zip code of 33414 there are 82 new foreclosure properties according to Realtytrac. That is one in every 262 housing units. This is considered to be a moderate amount of foreclosures. High would be one in 149 and low would be one in 455 units. 

For the entire western to central palm beach county one in every 255 housing units received some kind of foreclosure filing in the month of January 2012. 

Currently there are 82 bank owned properties in Wellington zip code 33414. 

ONLY 13 of these bank owned properties are listed in the Regional MLS for sale. 

Currently there are 263 properties in one stage of pre-foreclosure or another. This means that they are at risk of being filed a lis pendens on because they are late in making their mortgage payments or they have a lis pendens filing against their property. 

Only 81 of these are listed as a Wellington short sale for sale in Wellington zip code 33414. 

That is a lot of homeowners who are not doing anything about their delinquencies or they are trying to re-modify their loans or they are choosing to wait it out as long as they can. 

It is projected that foreclosures will speed up this year now that the government and the banks came to an agreement about the penalties for robo-signing and other things.

Don’t wait until it is too late to do something about your foreclosure. There are options out there for you. Call us today for a private confidential phone interview to go over your options. A Wellington short sale may be your best option and if it is, choose Wellington Short Sale Agents to list your home and negotiate your short sale.

Authored by Katerina Gasset- Copyright© 2012


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