Wellington Florida Sunday Mornings 

What a serene morning it was. Today I drove to our son’s travel baseball game which thankfully was in Wellington at the Olympic fields this morning. As I drove the back roads of Wellington I noticed how serene, peaceful and quite the streets were. There was no traffic and very few cars traveling along the roads as if people knew there were more important matters to attend to with their families and places of worship. 

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Most Sundays I am at church which is walking distance from our home so I don’t see much of around Wellington on Sundays. It has been a long while since I drove on the streets of Wellington on a Sunday morning. Today was a little different. Our little guy made the travel team for Wellington Colts and they had a game this morning. Nestor went along earlier to get him there to practise and later I followed to get there in time for the game. 


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  2. Nice to take a break from Wellington Short Sales and actually enjoy your lovely town 😀 One of the occupational hazards of being Wellington Short Sale Agents is there’s always work to be done and people to help – glad you got to enjoy your day Katerina ; D

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