In any competition, the difference between a clear victory and everything else depends on not just a good performance, but the very best performance. When the stakes are as high the price and financial liability involved in your home, you need an experienced team that can outperform all the competition and manage tough resistance that comes from every corner from banks to lenders to buyers. In a short sale, everyone is looking to an objective, but not necessarily the one that benefits you best. We are here to make the winning difference for you.

In the 1960s, there was a familiar name in Football, the Green Bay Packers. They were legend, not so much because of star players or quarterbacks, but because of fresh, aggressive and dedicated leadership. Vince Lombardi conducted grueling training camps and demanded absolute dedication and effort from his players. The team was respected and renowned everywhere because everywhere the coach went, victory and success followed.

Similarly, experience, dedication and absolute dedication in short sales is what makes us the only Wellington FL choice for your short sale. If you want a crack team that has won time and again, we’re here to get to the finish line for you first! We know the lenders and the market like no one else.

When you’re ready to evaluate a short sale in Florida, give us a call. We’re ready to make sure you end up on the winning side.


2 Responses to Wellington FL Short Sale Agents | Experience Counts When the Stakes are This High

  1. Vince Lombardi was the poster image for the will to win. Wellington Short Sale Agents have that same experience to get your short sale done.

  2. I grew up hearing stories about Vince Lombardi. Great analogy. Sellers who list their home with the experienced, dedicated and persistent Wellington Short Sale Agents at International Properties, will put themselves in a position to complete a successful short sale. These sellers can then move on with their lives.

    Laurie Hellmer
    Chicago, IL

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