Florida Law clearly states that you are NOT allowed to negotiate short sales in the state of Florida unless you are:
1. A Loan Originator
2. A Licensed Real Estate Agent
3. A Florida Attorney

If you don’t meet those qualifications stay out of here! You are not welcome to bring your scam of a company here to Florida.

We just canceled the Scammers Convention in South Florida. 

A seller did a search on the internet and found our company. He called us to list his short sale. He had been working with one of these short sale companies from another state who has no office here in the state of Florida and does not meet the  above criteria.
You can just imagine my shock when I reviewed his short sale paperwork he had sent to this company that they had him sign! All the warning signs that the state of Florida warns homeowners against was in this package.
This seller was bullied and pressured into signing documents that should never have been asked to be signed. And no legitimate company would have asked for these to be signed.

There was a Power Of Attorney that was signed handing over ALL control of his property to this company. In this POA it stated that this company had the right to lease, rent, collect rents, handle ALL financial transactions and on and on. Scary Stuff!

Then there was a Deed of Trust. Heck, I have not seen a Deed of Trust since I left California. But here it was, not a Quit Claim Deed but a Deed Of Trust. And there was no disclosure anywhere that any type of deed transfer could cause the lender to call the loan due.

No, in fact, there was NOT ONE FLORIDA state disclosure in this package as is required by the state of Florida when working with a homeowner in distress. 
I am grateful we have great relationships with about 3 to 5 good attorneys. He has a certain budget which only one of the attorneys would be able to handle. We sent everything over to the attorney and he responded to me that he would be happy to rid this homeowner of this ILLEGAL and SCAM Short Sale Company.
We are glad that we read every single piece of paper the homeowners send us so we can catch any of these kinds of problems straight away.
From Pam Bondi- Our Attorney General of the State of Florida:
“The Attorney General also offered the following tips to identify and avoid a potential foreclosure rescue scam: 

– Avoid businesses that guarantee to save homes from foreclosure or stop the foreclosure process “no matter what the circumstances.”

– Do not work with businesses or individuals who instruct homeowners not to contact their lenders, lawyers or financial counselors and to make mortgage payments directly to the business or individual.

– Avoid businesses that use names or symbols which mimic federal and state programs or falsely suggest they offer legal services or are affiliated with an attorney or law firm.

– Before doing business with any loan modification business, check it out fully. Get its physical address, ask for the names of its corporate officers, and call the Attorney General’s Office to determine whether it has any complaints reported against it.

Consumers who wish to file a complaint may do so by calling the Attorney General’s fraud hotline at 1-866-9-NO-SCAM (1-866-966-7226) or by filing a complaint online at http://myfloridalegal.com.”


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  1. Glad to hear that the seller found the Wellington FL short sale agents team, and they will now be one step closer to a successful short sale transaction. Good luck with your listing!

    Laurie Hellmer
    Real People Realty
    Chicago Short Sale Agents

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