Royal Palm Beach is directly to the north of Wellington Florida. It touches Wellington on the north boundary. There are a lot of nice communities and neighborhoods in Royal Palm Beach near schools and shopping.

Royal Palm Beach included neighborhoods such as Madison Green, a full community complete with a public golf course and lake front properties. There is Saratoga and La  Mancha and the acreage areas sometimes referred to as Royal Palm Beach but are technically either in Loxahatchee of West Palm Beach.
If you are upside down in your Royal Palm Beach home or townhouse you may consider doing a short sale before you just walk away from your home. You may qualify for the HAFA program or other incentivized short sale programs different lenders are offering their borrowers.
When you are looking for a Royal Palm Beach short sale agent make sure the agent that you hire knows and understands the short sale process, has closed short sales and knows how to negotiate the best terms for you in your short sale.

Never pay an upfront fee to anyone when you do a short sale unless it is your attorney’s retainer agreement. In fact, it is against the Florida state law for any short sale company or agent to ask you for money upfront to negotiate your short sale.

Royal Palm Beach representatives are looking for ways to keep the Royal Palm Beach neighborhoods safe and not damaged by abandoned homes. You can read what Wellington Florida is doing about the abandoned homes here.
One of the councilmen said that all the Royal Palm Beach neighborhoods have suffered from the distressed property situation among them abandoned homes and bank owned homes.

Royal Palm Beach has an ordinance that is furthering the communication between the town of Royal Palm Beach and the banks and the town’s code enforcement division. The code enforcement division has had a hard time in the past to find out the ownership of certain bank owned properties and then trying to find the right person to deal with at the bank regrading the code violations.

Now when a property goes into default this triggers a registration. This registration has a fee of $150 to $200. The bank has to pay for this fee. At that time, the bank would then provide the town of Royal Palm Beach with the appropriate contact information for the bank.

Royal Palm Beach has identified about 400 homes that are in default. Most of these properties are being maintained thanks to the diligence of the code enforcement officers of Royal Palm Beach.

The lenders are being proactive as well. They have other properties in the areas of concern where people are paying their mortgages. The banks want to protect those assets for their investors so it behooves them to remain proactive. The town of Royal Palm Beach says that since the registration program was implemented, they now have banks calling them through this process wanting to register the homes they own. The banks are cleaning up the properties and that is a good thing for the Royal Palm Beach neighborhoods.

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    You can read what Wellington Florida is doing about the abandoned homes here.

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  3. Wow Royal Palm Beach means business when it comes to foreclosures. Homeowners in distress would do well to contact a Royal Pam Beach short sale agent like yourself.

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