Las Vegas Short Sale Agent- Yoggi Kaplan.

We met Yoggi Kaplan in Las Vegas at the WinDS REO Conference. She has about 50 short sale listings and she negotiates the short sales by herself.

Ms Kaplan speaks fluent Korean and works with a lot of Korean homeowners who are in need of doing a Las Vegas short sale.

I was very impressed with her tenacity and the smart skill set and negotiating skills she brings to the table to advocate for her sellers.

Call me at 561-753-0135 if you need to speak to an experienced Las Vegas short sale agent.


4 Responses to Las Vegas Short Sale Agent- Yoggi Kaplan

  1. I know you were looking to connect with Las Vegas Short Sale Agents. I’m happy to know that you were able to find a qualified agent during your recent trip to Las Vegas. I hope relationship between the Wellington short sale agents and the Las Vegas short sale agents is productive and profitable!

  2. Your right Laurie. I hope all the best for Wellington Short Sale Agents and Las Vegas Short Sale Agents!

  3. Networking with experienced short sale agents adds value for sellers. Much success for the both of you as Wellington Short Sale Agents and Las Vegas short sale agent.

  4. It is always nice to meet another short sale agent out there in the trenches. Sounds like she is a fantastic resource for Las Vegas short sales.

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