Homeowners who have defaulted on their mortgage loans are getting loans again. The chief economist of the American Bankers Association says that banks are extending credit to those with serious blemishes on their credit. They are saying that borrowers who are current and pay all of their bills on time, their car payments on time and any other loans on time but that have defaulted on their mortgages are some of the “most attractive” candidates for the new loans.

From February 2009 to about August 2011 over 64,000 people who defaulted on their mortgages received consumer loans. This is according to TransUnion. Most of these consumers got credit cards but a lot of them got car loans. In fact, about 40% of the defaulted homeowners were given car loans, personal loans and line of credits.

The lenders believe that those who have defaulted on their mortgages and yet are current on their other obligations are a good credit risk because the housing bust put these borrowers into a situation they did not want to be in but were forced into by the market. The lenders take in many factors when deciding to give a loan so each situation is different.

But past homeowners seeking to get credit need to understand that they will be charged with higher rates and that getting credit is not always a good thing. It can become another trap. The average credit card interest rate is about 15% but for those who have defaulted on their mortgages the interest rate they are paying is 20% to 25% ! Wow, now that is high interest. Takes me back to the early 80’s! Getting a car loan if you have excellent credit can be as low as 4% but if you have a mortgage default that same car loan to you is going to be as high as 19%! Maybe consumers in that position should save their money and buy a car with cash.


In any competition, the difference between a clear victory and everything else depends on not just a good performance, but the very best performance. When the stakes are as high the price and financial liability involved in your home, you need an experienced team that can outperform all the competition and manage tough resistance that comes from every corner from banks to lenders to buyers. In a short sale, everyone is looking to an objective, but not necessarily the one that benefits you best. We are here to make the winning difference for you.

In the 1960s, there was a familiar name in Football, the Green Bay Packers. They were legend, not so much because of star players or quarterbacks, but because of fresh, aggressive and dedicated leadership. Vince Lombardi conducted grueling training camps and demanded absolute dedication and effort from his players. The team was respected and renowned everywhere because everywhere the coach went, victory and success followed.

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Forewarning, this is a true story. It illustrates why you don’t list your short sale Forewarning, this is a true story. It illustrates why you should not list your Wellington short sale with agents who are NOT experienced in closing short sales and much less, don’t even know what a short sale is all about.

Wellington Short Sale Agent FL

We got a call from a distraught seller who lives in another state and owns an investment property that he needs to short sale here in Florida.

Here’s the story of the listing agent (not a professional Wellington Short Sale Agent) The agent who listed the property knows that the property has a tenant in it and that tenant needs 24 hours notice for showings. This agent knew this information prior to signing the listing agreement. This agent refuses to set up the showings for the owner because the agent says that is just too many phone calls to make. So the owner sets up the showings with the tenant.

My first question here is why don’t you have a showing desk to set up the showings, a virtual assistant or a receptionist to make these calls for the showings if this is too much work for this agent?

Next, the agent is NOT doing the short sale, this agent only listed the property and does not know anything about short sales nor did this agent do any preparatory work with the seller in getting him on the same page for doing a short sale. This agent did not interview the seller. This is beyond sad.

Instead this agent has some SHORT SALE company doing the short sale. But this short sale company is NOT a FLORIDA short sale company. This short sale company has only spoken to this seller once. The seller is in lis pendens. The short sale company told the seller that his lender canceled the foreclosure because he is doing a short sale! What a load of crap!

We are going to post on what attorneys say about agents who take short sale listings and know nothing about short sales next week.

So here is a seller who is in foreclosure and this short sale company nor the agent ever advised him to go seek the advice of a foreclosure defense attorney to defend him in this foreclosure suit. OH MY! MY BLOOD IS BOILING!!!!

So the agent puts this property that is in foreclosure temporarily off the market because this agent does not want to deal with the tenant and refuses to cancel the listing yet is not doing fulfilling the agents part in this entire fiasco. Does this agent not know that time is of the essence here????

Next, we checked out this SHORT SALE Company! They are not listed as a corporation in Florida. They do not have a business license here. And to top it all off-

Florida law says that you can NOT handle short sales in Florida unless you are a licensed real estate agent, a licensed loan originator or an attorney!!!! So this SHORT SALE company is illegally handling this seller’s short sale who did not know any of this.

So we have an agent who does not have a clue nor does this agent even seem to care that this man is going to lose his home to a foreclosure and a short sale company who is illegally handling or should I say NOT handling his short sale and giving him incorrect information about his foreclosure status.

How do they sleep at night?????????????

Takeaway: Use a fully qualified Wellington short sale agent when engaging in a Wellington short sale for your home. agents who are NOT experienced in closing short sales and much less, don’t even know what a short sale is all about.